Sustainable Brick House in Denmark by Leth & Gori

Young Danish architecture office Leth & Gori designed the Brick House, a sustainable home in Nyborg, Denmark that is maintenance free for 50 years and has an estimated life span of at least 150 years. Description by Leth & Gori: Brick House has two main objectives; to create a house which is maintenance free for 50 years; and to create a house with a life span of minimum 150 years. Brick […]


$11,000 Forest House Built Using Discarded Materials

Kayaking instructor and boat builder Brian Schulz travelled Oregon looking for locally sourced materials and salvaged items from friends and strangers alike to fulfill his dream of building a house on a budget of $11,000. The design of the home was greatly inspired by Japanese architecture. Schulz describes the whole process that took over a year to complete, ‘With deep enough pockets, a person might be able to duplicate such a […]


Students Design a Rainbow-shaped Solar Powered Home called HALO

Twenty-five brilliant students of Chalmer’s University of Technology in Sweden have collaborated in making a solar powered home called HALO. This 59 square meter sustainable house was inspired by the shape of a rainbow and in keeping with simple and clean Scandinavian design.   [via inhabitat]


Portable + Spacious Sustainable House by Arcgency

Arcgency architecture studio have designed the World FLEX Home/ WFH House, a pre-fabricated model house that is both attractive and sustainable. Located in Wuxi, China, this modern home was completed in 2012. Description by Arcgency: Resource Conscious Architecture that can be exported to any place in the world. It is more then architecture; It is a sustainable product.   Photos courtesy Jens Markus Lindhe


Incredible Areopagus Villa in Costa Rica by Paravant Architects

Paravant Architects designed this incredible and sustainable Areopagus villa  located in Atenas, Costa Rica. According to the architects, this spectacular hillside home was built in response to a ‘subtropical climate while creating a contemporary place of strong individual character’. The south facade is complete open towards the lap pool with beautiful view across the valley, the mountains and tropical rain forest. Photos by Julian Trejos


Inspiring Net Zero Energy House by Lifethings

Architecture studio Lifethings design the Sosol Home Sosoljip, a zero net energy house located in GyeongSangNam-do, Korea. The concept rouse from the client’s dream of living in a self-sufficient community where fresh goods are available. The result is this 230 square meter net zero energy house surrounded by agriculture and was completed in 2012. Sosol Home Sosoljip by Lifethings: The client and the architect wanted Sosoljip to be based on common sense […]


Captivatingly Modern Wooden Forest House

Hidden in a forest in the province of Segovia, Spain is this captivating wooden house designed by Columbian and Germán García Architects. This sustainable residence is a smart combination of comfort and opulence.    [via nuevo estilo]


Compact + Modern Sustainable Port Ludlow Residence by Finne Architects

Seattle based studio Finne Architects designed the Port Ludlow Residence, a simple living space with several sustainable building features. This modern home is located at the north end of the Hood Canal, western Puget Sound. Port Ludlow Residence by Finne Architects: The Port Ludlow Residence is a compact, 2400 SF modern house located on a wooded waterfront property at the north end of the Hood Canal, a long, fjord-like arm of western Puget Sound.  The […]


La Muna Home with Minimal Environmental Impact

The La Muna project is a 3,500 square feet privated home designed by Oppen Office. Located in Aspen, Colorado, USA. La Muna by Oppen Office: A complete renovation and minor addition of one of the first homes built in the ultraexclusive enclave of Red Mountain in Aspen Colorado. 30 years of haphazard­­­­­ of this rustic ski chalet with all its imperfections—a homage to the Japanese sensibility of wabi sabi. Clad in […]


Sustainable Home Made of Repurposed Excavated Land

California-based residential design practice Feldman Architecture have designed the Caterpillar House. The home is the first LEED Platinum Custom Home of the California Central Coast. Caterpillar House by Feldman Architecture: The design for the Caterpillar House, sited on the softly rolling hills of the Santa Lucia Preserve, sought to accentuate a connection to the land.  Having lived in a Cliff May home, the client came to the project with a love of modern ranch […]