Breezy Rattan House by Guz Architects That Brings Its Residents Closer to Nature

Singapore-based Guz Architects have designed this sturdy Rattan House in Singapore with a touch of sustainability and a lot of breeziness.   Description by Guz Architects: The rattan house was conceived to make the most of what is a relatively condensed site in Singapore’s “good class bungalow” district; with buildings all around and little breeze. The L-shaped plan was designed to make the most of the views and funnel the […]


Transforming REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

Rotterdam-based designers Reinier de Jong Architecture & Design have sent us their latest project REK bookcase made of an eco-friendly material poplar and finished with organic linseed oil wax.   Visit Reinier de Jong’s website for more information.


Adaptive Design of Makoko Floating Community

NLÉ architects conceptualized an extremely remarkable project for the community of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. With the use of locally sourced materials, the project aims to create a group of floating structures that will adapt to the present waterfront community. [via design boom]


Green Village | Sustainable Homes Made Entirely of Bamboo

As a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo is definitely a sustainable structural material. Not to mention its sturdy nature that lasts a lifetime and naturally cools any dwelling. For these reasons, father and daughter team John and Elora Hardy conceptualized and designed the Green Village located along the Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia. This group of sustainable and eco-friendly homes are made entirely of bamboo, from its building structure to its interior furnishings. According […]


Vibrant Facade of Uber Sustainable Pixel Building

Australian design collaboration firm Studio 505 have designed the Pixel Building completed in 2010. This sustainable building is Australia’s first carbon neutral office building, generating all its own power and water on site. Pixel by Studio 505: Located on a key urban site at the former CUB Brewery, Pixel is one of Melbourne and Australia’s most significant and ambitious projects. Scoring a perfect 105 Green Star points and 105 LEED points, Pixel is Australia’s first […]


Sustainable Design of Claremont University Consortium

New York City based studio LTL Architects have designed Claremont University Consortium Administrative Campus Center. This 42,000 sq. ft. project is located in Claremont, California. Completed in 2011. Claremont University Consortium by LTL Architects: This new administrative center for the Claremont University Consortium consolidates the majority of CUC departments and services currently dispersed across campus into a single location. Through the adaptive reuse of an existing but under-utilized maintenance building, the new administrative center allows CUC to […]


La Muna Home with Minimal Environmental Impact

The La Muna project is a 3,500 square feet privated home designed by Oppen Office. Located in Aspen, Colorado, USA. La Muna by Oppen Office: A complete renovation and minor addition of one of the first homes built in the ultraexclusive enclave of Red Mountain in Aspen Colorado. 30 years of haphazard­­­­­ of this rustic ski chalet with all its imperfections—a homage to the Japanese sensibility of wabi sabi. Clad in […]


Inspired Organic Design of Suluwilo Villa

Cape Town-based Craft of Architecture (COA) designed Suluwilo Villa, a getaway retreat located in Vamizi island in Mozambique. This group of boat-shaped shelters has steeped roofs withstanding strong winds from the sea. Each house has thatched roofing and walls made from local sustainable materials like mud and water that have each room cool and abound with fresh air. The living space formed by the roof is a study with stunning views of the sea, while at a […]