20 Square-Meter Multi-functional Studio Designed with Tons of Storage

Architect Raanan Stern have designed a multi-functional artist’s studio located in Tel-Aviv. The tiny 20 square meter studio has tons of wall storage and a pull-out bed for sleeping. Light birch wood was the main material for the built-in furniture which made the space look inviting and even more spacious. [via designboom]


Cleverly Designed Transforming Tiny Studio by Vora Arquitectura

Vora Arquitectura have designed the Toormix Workshop, a tiny transforming studio located in Gràcia, Barcelona. This 18 square meter project was conceptualized in 2011 and was completed in 2012.   Photos courtesy Adrià goula


Camouflaged Artist Studio is Clad in Mirrors

Bureau Lada designed this contemplative studio called The Archive. This space was built to house a contemporary artist who loves peace, solitude and the idea of ‘being away from it all’. The structure is covered in mirrors, almost disappearing in nature.    The Archive by Bureau Lada: The brief for the Atelier Malkovich ideas competition asked for the design of an innovative and functional studio for the contemporary artist. It should address the changing […]


Dramatically Secluded Art Studios in Fogo Island

Artists looking for a seriously secluded place for creative work would definitely love an art studio dramatically located on a steep hillside overlooking the calm waters of an inland pond. This is Project Bridge Studio in Newfoundland, Canada, designed by Saunders Architects. It is a series of six artists’ studios on different location in Fogo island that aims to preserve the Islander’s traditions and rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture. Photos by Saunders Architects