Spectacular PALÄON Research and Experience Centre in Germany

Zurich and Berlin-based practice Holzer Kobler Architekturen has designed the PALÄON Research and Experience Centre in Schöningen, Germany. The whole structure is composed of a reflective surface that magnificently mirrors the surrounding landscape. Its futuristic shape creates different and external spaces, while the large window openings underscore the expressive dynamism of the architecture as it offers views of the nearby woods and wild horses. [via urdesign]


Delectable Structures Composed of Hundreds of Chewing Gum

I may not be much of a chewing gum fan but I was really impressed by how French artist Jeremy Laffon built these structures using a simple gum. Laffon explored all possibilities of using the malleability of a gum aside from its natural form and the results are fantastic! Be sure to check out his exhibit at the Association Limousin Art Contemporain and Sculptures in France from March 12-23. Yummy!   [via prafulla.net]


Dazzling Glass Farm by MVRDV

Looks can really be deceiving. With one quick look on this building, you would probably think it is a genuine farm. But a second look might leave you jaw-dropped. The Glass Farm was designed by MVRDV in collaboration with artist Frank van der Salm who photographed all the remaining traditional farms used to form the image of the glass facade resulting to what a stained glass window in a cathedral looks like. Schijndels market square […]


Exquisite Golden Moon by LEAD

Who would have thought that this spherical moon lantern was built in as fast as eleven days? Though the Golden Moon was quickly done, the Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design (LEAD) was able to make sure that the 6-storey high structure would be worth visiting during its 6-day stint in recognition of Hong Kong’s unique building traditions and craftsmanship. The temporary architectural structure designed with abstracted flames in fiery colors and patterns […]