Humorous Phrases in Paris’ Public Places That Seemingly Talk to Passersby

French designer Benjamin Isidore Juveneton has come up with an interesting project that is part of an urban exhibition titled ‘Enchanté’. The artist has put up witty phrases in the public places of Paris that appear to be talking to passersby and voicing out their thoughts and opinions. Photos by Antoine KIENLEN via designtaxi


Artist Create Intricate Sand Paintings That Take 8 Hours to Complete

For the past 5 years, artist Joe Mangrum have created hundreds of sand paintings in numerous places. Mangrum’s innate passion for painting shows in all of his intricate  works that take about six to eights to complete. Mangrum’s artworks are inspired by the vibrant colors of underwater species and geometric patterns of nature. This is probably what ‘living in the moment’ will look when illustrated – when an artist gives […]


Classical Art Take Over Outdoor Advertising in Paris

Artist Etienne Lavie imagines the city with more classical art in her series called ‘OMG Who Stole My Ads’. The eye-catching replacement of outdoor advertisement with classical art is a welcome change in the modern urban landscape. Follow Lavie’s street art on twitter. [via ufunk]


Fascinating Street Installation Lets You Walk Through the Clouds

Brazilian artist Eduardo Coimbra provided a heavenly experience to the visitors of his art installation in Brazil. Five light boxes with cloud images measuring 17 square feet were installed on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Fascinated passers-by were able to walk around and through the clouds that became an attraction specially when illuminated at night. “Educated as an engineer, Eduardo Coimbra is best known for his site-specific, mixed-media architectural installations. “[My] work […]


Affectionate Street Art by Stencil Artist C215

Paris-based stencil artist Christian Guémy, known as C215, creates remarkable artworks that reflect affection, movement and passion. His art on the streets, as well as in galleries, will definitely make you look. You must check out more of C215’s amazing art on Flickr.


Installation of Old Lamps Light-up a Deserted Street in Athens

Greek studio Beforelight and Imagine The City collaborated for a public installation project aimed to illuminate a deserted street in Athens called Pittaki. In preparation for the installation, they’ve gathered old lamps and light fixtures donated by 150 generous locals. Watch the heartwarming process here and see the glow of the installation shine like the smiles of the community. The “co-house” is created in the center of Athens and is a collaborative project of transforming a […]


Vibrant Street Illustrations by Alice Pasquin

Rome based visual artist Alice Pasquini prefers city walls as her canvas. For the past few years, she has traveled many places to bring her artwork to life on the streets of different cities across the globe. Through her art she strives to demonstration the small moments between people and their connections to one another. She wishes to represent human emotion and explore these emotions from a different point of view. Alice is […]


Street Art Mathematics by Aakash Nihalan

You’ve probably seen all kinds of street art but have you stumbled upon one that involves mathematics? Artist Aakash Nihalani offers a simple yet brilliant street art that will definitely make you look. This project called ‘Sum Times‘ involves adding oversized tapes of simple algebra symbols onto mundane things. Clever. [via woostercollective]


Under Pressure: Moss Street Art

Artist Stefaan de Croock draws by subtraction. Using a pressure washer and water he saw a different canvas in a moss filled wall. One of the best natural art mediums there is. Visit Stefaan de Croock’s website.   [via whatthecool and weburbanist]


Making Street Art as Sweet as Sugar

Do you want to make street art as sweet as sugar? Well, Montreal artist Shelley Miller sure does know how to make one, making murals entirely out of frosting and sugar. Inspired by azulejos, which is form of painted ceramic tilework from Portugal and Spain, Miller paints, assembles, and installs these sugar murals out in the open air. The sugar naturally becomes worn away by the weather over time, and […]