Vintage-Inspired of Starbucks Store in New Orleans Becomes Home to Local Art

The latest in Starbucks stores is located St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans. Inspired by the historical heritage of the town and many of the homegrown artists, the Starbucks store’s interior was imagined as how it would look like if it was built in the 1900s with the local artist’s works proudly displayed. [photos courtesy Matthew Glac via starbucks news, inthralld]


Stunning Glass + Green Roof Penthouse in Diane von Furstenberg Studio

WORK Architecture studio designed this stunning penthouse of Diane von Furstenburg’s flagship store, a six-story structure built behind two landmarked facades in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Diane von Furstenberg Studio Headquarters by WORK Architecture: The project’s diverse program is unified through a singular iconic gesture: a stairway that collects and distributes light from the roof through to the deepest interior parts of the building. This shaft of light is […]


Unique Modular Starbucks Store

Different from any coffee outlet you’ve seen is this newly opened drive-thru, walk-up and modular Starbucks store in Colorado. What’s striking in this experimental design is the cladding made of old Wyoming snow fencing which increases its cordial look. [via fastcodesign]


A Peek Inside Sukha Amsterdam

Sukha is a lovely concept store in Amsterdam with wonderful interior decor. It features lots of beautiful things related to fashion, books, accessories, presents and unique handmade products. You’ll love their recent addition, a big white tipi and the dainty fun feel of this shop. Photos by Jeltje Janmaat, Sukha Amsterdam via vosgesparis