Diversely Designed SDM Apartment in India by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop designed the SDM Apartment, a two-storey residence in Mumbai, India that features diverse interiors and an awesome staircase. Description by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop: Located in central Mumbai, our client builds a 6 story building, 2 for each apartment, we simultaneously perform 3 interior design projects for 3 different clients, all from the same family; parents, (an older couple) and 2 families of young couples with children, […]


Dazzling Cantilevered Staircase at Royal William Yard by Gillespie Yunnie Architects

The Gillespie Yunnie Architects has designed this stunning staircase that link Royal William Yard in Plymouth to the public park. The visitors of the South West Coast path can now walk through the 19th Century yard since it has always been a dead end due to its naturally defensive nature and peninsular location. The structure is more fabulous at night when the stairs are illuminated by color-shifting ribbongs of LED […]