Fascinating Greenhouse Filled with Stained Glass Art in Mexico by Leopoldo Flores

Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores transformed the abandoned Art Nouveau-style building in Toluca, Mexico into a botanic greenhouse wonderland dubbed as “Cosmovitral”, a combination of the Spanish words for “cosmos” and “glass”. The stained glass art that surrounds the interiors symbolizes the relationship between mankind and the heavens. Its design is primarily centered on human figures and natural elements like fire and water. [via designtaxi]


Superb Stained Glass Superheroes

Have a wonderful day ahead everyone! I know once in our lives we wanted to save the world from bad vibes. And now is your chance to have your favorite superhero right in front of your home literally… or in any other part of it. Martian Glass Works offers its clients made-to-order stained glass and you may want to check out how and how much here. [via sneakhype]