Attractive and Sustainable Spanish Home by Zwei Estudio Creativo

Young architectural firm Zwei Estudio Creativo has designed this cozy and attractive home in Pereda, Mieres del Camino, Asturias, Spain. One of its best features is its energetic efficiency and sustainability. The wood, stone block and thermal lag in walls provide the residence with thermo-regulating capacity that retains heat in winter and dissipates it in summer through the use of different resources and passive conditioning systems. Description by Zwei Estudio Creativo: […]


Laidback Portable Home by ÁBATON

This 27 square meter portable home called ÁPH80 was designed and manufactured by ÁBATON in Spain as an ideal residence for two people. It features three different spaces – living room/kitchen, a full bathroom and a double bedroom. The calmness and balance of ÁPH80 is attributed to its hypoallergenic wood material. The exterior is covered with grey cement wood board. It also has a ventilated façade with 12cm thermal insulation […]


Utterly White and Neat Holiday Home in Mallorca, Spain

ecoDESIGNfinca professes that they are passionate about bringing spaces to life together with their clients and this is exactly what they did with their project in Mallorca, Spain. This immaculately white and spotless holiday home is undeniably one of the best places that you would want to take a rest, miles away from the very busy city life. Description by ecoDESIGNfinca:  “This designer country house was built on a 17,000 […]


Fabulous Six Semi-Detached Houses Plus An Isolated House by Antonio Altarriba Comes

Antonio Altarriba Comes has designed a very unique residence that is actually composed of six semi-detached houses and an isolated house in Rocafort, Valencia, Spain. So technically, it is a seven-in-one home. Description from  Antonio Altarriba Comes: This project, consisting of six semi-detached houses and an isolated one located in Rocafort (Valencia), tries to get homogeneity and order of the independent units creating a whole. Basically, there are three different types […]


Chic Renovation of an Old Dry-Cleaning Shop into a Patio House by Carles Enrich

Spanish architect Carles Enrich has renovated a 145 sqm old dry-cleaning shop into a fascinating patio house in Gracia, Barcelona, Spain. Description from Carles Enrich: The conversion of an old dry-cleaning shop between party walls in the Gracia district court into a home-studio for a young family is a fantastic opportunity to rethink the use of an unused place and optimize the conditions. It is proposed a system to enable […]


Renovated Cozy Home in the Woods of Spain

Architect Antonio Guzman designed the renovation of this beautiful home located in the woods of Madrid, Spain. The interior of this home was predominantly white, save for the use of color in carpets, cushions and chrome accents. The existing huge windows were retained for natural lighting and ensuring the expansive views of the forest are visible from the rooms.   [via  micasarevista]


Spectacular Designer Home in Spain

Offering infinite views of the sea is this designer home in Costa Brava, Spain.  This single family dwelling is divided into three spaces – the main residence with two bedrooms, two guest homes and two swimming pools. Its interiors boasts an area of 15,586 square feet in total and has 12 bedrooms, 13 full baths and 2 partial baths. Sotheby realty lists the property at $28.6 million.    Photos by Sotheby


Elegant Gothic Inspired Home by Elina Vila and Agnès Blanch

Having white interiors with a touch of bold color is really something, huh? I guess, the plainness of white is best accentuated with striking colors because it oozes with a feeling of sophistication. Take at look at this gorgeous 2,150 square foot home in Barcelona, Spain and for sure, you would end up wanting to have one. ♥ [via letmebeinspired]


Family Stories + Heirlooms + Home in Spain

The furniture that went from one generation to the next are the real stars of this home. Each piece has a wonderful story behind it.  Sofia Saavedra, the homeowner, decorated it with furniture inherited from their grandmothers and managed to flawlessly fuse old and new pieces. [via nicety and Micasa]