Gorgeous Renovation of a Rural Home in Spain by Dom Arquitectura

Dom Arquitectura  renovated this historic home in La Cerdanya, Spain into a gorgeous rural residence. Description by Dom Arquitectura: The project is located in a small village in La Cerdanya. Located on the north valley side and facing south, the dense rural core is formed by about 20 houses, is surrounded by fields and meadows where agriculture and farming are the main activities. Breathtaking views of the Cadi in front […]


Welcoming Light-Filled Industrial Loft in Spain by Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura

Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura designed the Loft 2, an industrial residence located in an old factory building in the Poblenou district of Barcelona, Spain.   Photos by Jose Maria Molinos + Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura via design-milk


Gorgeous Casa VM in Spain by MORA-SANVISENS Arquitectes Associats

Barcelona-based MORA-SANVISENS Arquitectes Associats designed the Casa VM, a private residence located in Cadaques, Spain. Description by MORA-SANVISENS Arquitectes Associats: “The by- laws in “Paratge de s’Alquería” in Cadaqués are so restrictive that they determine every kind of architecture. The buildings are required to have only one floor, sloping tile roof, and walls covered up or built up with local stone. These regulations, which are in principle established to guarantee […]


Laidback Home on a Hillside in Spain by Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros

Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros designed this laidback home on a hillside located in the northeastern interior of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Description by Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros: San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a town located in the northeastern interior of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, whose historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999 as the only example of […]


Eye-Catching # House # 1.130 in Spain by Estudio.Entresitio

Estudio.Entresitio designed this striking # House # 1.130, a 500 sqm single-family home in Madrid, Spain. Description by Estudio.Entresitio: This is a single-family house, but quite a large one, something over 5 hundred square meters, site is narrow and long and sloped towards south. Two different schemes superimposed one on top the other; a longitudinal one, based on spatial forking, and the one underneath, based on a hand fingers like configuration. […]


Homey Steel and Traditional Stone Residence in Spain by Zest Architecture

Barcelona-based Zest Architecture renovated a farm house in Spain’s Gavarres mountains into a homey steel and traditional stone residence. Description by Zest Architecture: Villa CP is a restoration project, whereby a 21st century house has been created inside an old stone structure. The existing stone walls have been largely rebuilt, with enormous openings towards the landscape linking the house to its spectacular surroundings: a National Park of cork oak with […]


Fascinating Leaf-Shaped Windows Featured in a Barcelona Hotel by Jean Nouvel Adorns

French architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with local studio Ribas & Ribas designed the 357-room Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel for the Marriott hotel chain in Barcelona, Spain. Its most striking element would have to be the façade that features the leaf-shaped windows that will somehow change the way you look outside of your hotel room with more pleasure and less boredom. [via inhabitat]


Awesome Centenarian Marketplace in Barcelona by b720 Arquitectos

Spanish firm b720 Arquitectos has redesigned Barcelona’s legendary flea market called Els Encants Vells. Set in a new 800sqm location, the centenarian marketplace was created with sculptural metallic leaves striking enough for clients to have a second look. The main objective of the project was to maintain the open nature of the current outdoor market Els Encants. Its best feature would have to be the almost 25-meter high canopy that protects […]


Fabulous Ses Alzines Residence in Spain by Javier Mantolán Seguí

Javier Mantolán Seguí has designed this gorgeous home called Ses Alzines in a coastal residential area in Es Marcadals, Menorca, Spain. The whole place has this resort-like ambience that is perfect for a summer holiday destination. Description by Javier Mantolán Seguí: The building program is to build a Tourist Holiday Home for 8 and grade Excellent with removal of architectural barriers to allow access to disabled persons. The building is cornered by the boundaries at […]


Cubist Art-Inspired Modern House for a Photographer 2 by OAB

Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) was inspired by the cubist art of Picasso when the team designed this modern home with clean, white exteriors in 2006. Located in Tarragona, Spain, the residence is very close to the sea. Its best feature would have to be the 52 Washington palm trees that will lead its residents from the beach to the house.   Description by OAB:  “A 250 long by […]