Breathtaking Casa Till in Chilean Coast by WMR Arquitectos

Somewhere along the Chilean coast is a breathtaking house called Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos. The structure was designed to blend into the landscape to make it appear invisible from afar. Casa Till is an eco-friendly home composed of local pine wood and solar panels within its rooftop deck. [via trendir]


Elegantly Sleek Casa Sulla Morella by Andrea Oliva Architetto

In 2009, Andrea Oliva Architetto created this very chic and modern residence in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy, equipped with solar panels. Description by Andrea Oliva Architetto: “To the borders of the country of Castelnovo Sotto, between the stream Morella and a roman road, in a landscape context characterized from channels, ditches, rows, shrubby stains, gardens, villas and agricultural houses it places the “House on the Morella”. Inserted between rural […]