Literally Cool Snow Drawing in Switzerland by Olaf Breuning

Swiss artist Olaf Breuning has converted a snowy mountainside in Gstaad, Switzerland into his own magnificent canvas. The colors featured in the artwork came from splashed food coloring that Breuning spontaneously poured onto the snow. As the colors slide and swivel down, vibrant streaks of reds, blues and yellows emerge on the snowy canvas. You may want to visit the artwork until the 8th of March 2014. [via designboom]


Marvelous Large-Scale Snow Art

Sometimes things happen to you unexpectedly. Take for example artist Simon Beck who discovered that through his habit of walking around the snow led him to a marvelous idea of doing crop circle-style designs in large expanses of untracked snow. Approximately, he gets to finish one snow art between five to nine hours. He then takes pictures of the end-result and according to Beck capturing his works in photos has […]