Couple Decided To Live Mortgage-Free By Building 20 Square Meter Trailer House

More and more people have thought about living off-the-grid, enjoy life by living mortgage-free and to travel more but few have actually made it happen. Andrew and Gabriella Morrison have taken the leap by building their very own 20 square meter trailer. Given the tiny area, the whole house has a surprisingly generous living area, kitchen and a loft bed. You can find out more of the story behind the […]


Tiny Loft House Perfectly Fits Inside An Old House

Ukraine-based designer Denis Svirid have created a tiny project to solve big problems. Svirid re-constructed an old dwelling to fit a small loft house with its own living area, kitchen, office and en suite master room with bath located in the mansard level. According to Svirid, ‘While the real estate prices in business districts of big cities rise, the problem of choosing comfortable but affordable dwelling each year becomes more and […]


Clever 196 Square-Foot Tiny House Using Reclaimed Materials

Practical architect  Macy Miller thought of a clever way of owning a house without burning her pocket. The solution? A tiny trailer house that measures 196 square feet (18 square meters). Built on a flatbed trailer, the house is 8 feet long and 24 feet wide with complete basic utilities. The use of recycled pallet wood as siding is an attractive feature of the house. Read more about Miller’s design […]


20 Square Meter Apartment by MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura

Madrid-based studio MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura designed this 20 square meter minimalist apartment. Complete in 2012 with basic necessicities of a home, a living, dining, kitchen and sleeping area all in one tiny longitudinal cube.   Photos from MYCC


Miracle of Minimum Space

Architect Arnaldo Martino paid a musical homage to the movie Yellow Submarine by The Beatles when he designed this home in Sao Paulo. A shelter that amazingly adjusted to the needs of Dulcília Buitoni’s growing family, from the the homeowner’s firstborn to preparing to welcome their grandchildren.    Photos by Levi Mendes Jr. via Casa