Awesome Semi-Detached Far Sight House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design

The Far Sight House in Bukit Timah, Singapore is a semi-detached residence designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design. According to the architects,  “The house is expressed by coupling two forms; a tall and narrow single-room width block housing the master bedroom, study and attic-living and the wider block at the rear accommodating two children bedrooms side by side. The formal expression of the house is also a response to the […]


Impressive Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb

Birmingham-based master craftsman James Doran-Webb has created these three amazing horse sculptures that gallop as if they were real. These six-foot-tall horses are made of thousands of pieces of driftwood built around a stainless steel skeleton. The sculptures were constructed for the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore as part of its Chinese New Year celebrations on January 31. [via dailymail]


Breezy Rattan House by Guz Architects That Brings Its Residents Closer to Nature

Singapore-based Guz Architects have designed this sturdy Rattan House in Singapore with a touch of sustainability and a lot of breeziness.   Description by Guz Architects: The rattan house was conceived to make the most of what is a relatively condensed site in Singapore’s “good class bungalow” district; with buildings all around and little breeze. The L-shaped plan was designed to make the most of the views and funnel the […]


Super Comfy Acoustic Alchemy by Hyla Architects

Singapore-based Hyla Architects has designed a two-storey residence called Acoustic Alchemy that seems to be oozing with much warmth and such welcoming atmosphere. Description by Hyla Architects: The living, dining and kitchen areas of this 2-storey semi-detached house have been designed as one large AV and entertainment space, efficiently soundproofed by double glazed sliding-folding doors. The two side walls that flank this space were intentionally built to taper towards the rear. […]


Stunning Winged Roof House by K2LD Architects

Australian firm K2LD Architects has designed this unique residence in Singapore that features a large winged overhanging wooden roof that makes you feel as if you are always ready to fly high. On top of its uniqueness is the sense of elegance provided by its interior and exterior designs. The courtyard is surrounded by lavish gardens while the pool area is framed by a glass wall leading indoors. Also, the wood […]


Magnificently Curvy Home in Singapore

Aamer Architects have designed a contemporary home in Ninety7 Siglap Road Singapore. This beautiful and modern home was completed in 2010. Siglap Hill House by Aamer Architects: Magnificent views towards the city from atop Siglap Hill inspired the design. Master and family room are placed on the third level having the best views. Living and Dining on the second level, connected with external verandahs / terraces that flow upwards and fold into […]


Dream Home in Sentosa Cove

Singapore-based studio ONG&ONG have designed a Sentosa Cove residence which was completed in 2009. Sentosa Cove by Ong & Ong: This is a home that can endure the tropical climate with minimal environmental impact, by tapping on available natural resources. Four levels make up the building, each catering to the family’s various social and entertainment needs while also accommodating each member’s individual need for solitude. Achieving space maximisation and privacy were also […]


Man-made Tree Skyscrapers in Singapore

Now lit up, the towering trees in Gardens by the Bay Singapore is its newest attraction. These man-made trees are equipped with solar panels, hanging gardens and catches rainwater and will be utilized to show wide variety of plant species from different regions. Soaring at 50 metres high, constructed using large steel and concrete trunks and spreading outward are thick wire rods for branches. Bay South Garden opens with a host of exciting […]


A Home in Brookvale Park, Singapore

Architects Juliana & Tristan did a very good job in designing this wonderful home. Love the sleek lines, dark wood and the high ceiling. Also, the integrated furniture in the sunken living area. Instead of a coffee table, footrests are in place, very useful. It’s bright, which creates a positive ambiance. And most of all, it’s surrounded by trees! Photos by Rupert Singleton, ImageGarden via nicety and ArchDaily