Fredensborg House in Denmark Primarily Built in White by NORM Architects

NORM Architects designed the Fredensborg House in Copenhagen, Denmark in keeping with the tradition of Scandinavian simplicity. Description by NORM Architects: On a sloping property north of Copenhagen, the “Fredensborg House” is built on five small plateaus connected by steps, reflecting the shape of its surrounding terrain. The house aesthetic is derived from inspirations brought about by the labyrinthine mountain village architecture, those that you may find familiar in Southern […]


Laidback Home in Japan by Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design has built this very laidback home for a senior couple in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. Description by Mosaic Design: The house is located in Yokawa, which is in the south-central part of Hyogo Prefecture. The clients are a senior couple and have lived in several countries and cities around the world because of their business, such as Panama, Peru, Los Angels, Singapore, London and Tokyo. After retiring, they decided […]


Neat and Spacious House Maher in Australia by Tribe Studio

Award-winning architectural firm Tribe Studio designed the 327-square meter House Maher in Sydney, Australia with much simplicity, neatness and a very homey  feel. Description by Tribe Studio: In suburban Willoughby, House Maher is a new build for a young family. Formally, the house is a simple gable extrude, clad on the street ends in face brickwork. Internally, the spaces are a playful study in volume and light. [via thisispaper]