Whimsical Sweets Shop

What better way to design a candy shop than to let the confections to stand out. Having only playful black and white sketches decorating the walls, that reminds me of childhood doodles. A visiting kid would absolutely feel right at home here. Would you too? The Candy Room is located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by RED Design Group.   [via sweet-station.com]


Mjölk: Shop + Gallery

Mjölk is a wonderful shop in Toronto, Canada carrying all things inspired by Scandinavian design and Japanese craftsmanship. They showcase both classic and current pieces as well as serves as a gallery for up and coming artists. Great to have this in a neighborhood, it certainly helpful to artisans. The word Mjölk, by the way, means ‘milk’, chosen by the owners that stands for pure, honest, and essential. Credo that is reflected with the shop’s beautiful […]