Minimalist Bookshelf Resembling Paper Being Blown by the Wind

Tokyo-based studio YOY have designed a minimalist bookshelf project called ‘Blow’. The concept of the shelf resembles a stack of white paper being blown by the wind inspired by the 19th century Japanese book entitled ‘Travelers Caught In a Gust Of Breeze in Ejiri. A wall shelf that looks like a paper blowing up in the wind. It is formed by bending A4 size thin steel plates with molds. There […]


Bending Shelf Design by Natascha-Harra Frischkorn

German designer Natascha-Harra Frischkorn designed a flexible shelf which she named Chuck. The storage element is a is a flexible wall shelf made of 4 mm thick wooden planks and two stainless steel sleeves. The product is a combination of both flexibility and stability as well as reflecting individuality with its convertible functionality. [via krush]


Flexible Modular Shelving

Furniture designers Lesha Galkin and Dopludo Collective have designed a flexible modular shelving made of plywood and pine wood. Its shelving components can be modified according to ones needs, or even use it as a bench. [via canvas.pantone]


Extraordinary Home Office + Designed with Dome for Books

Amazing home office designed by Travis Price Architects for Wade Davis, a National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence. An interesting blurb I found here: While many need light-filled rooms for inspiration, he wanted to avoid large windows opening onto a residential neighborhood and sought a cave-like atmosphere to disappear into his work. Subtle light was brought in by other means when the architect built a dome above his client’s desk (which Price describes as similar to […]