Transforming REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

Rotterdam-based designers Reinier de Jong Architecture & Design have sent us their latest project REK bookcase made of an eco-friendly material poplar and finished with organic linseed oil wax.   Visit Reinier de Jong’s website for more information.


Clever Bookcase with Built-in Ladder

Smart Bookcase features a built-in ladder that seamlessly fit to the shelf when not in use. Having high bookshelves now seems like a really great idea right? This beautiful piece made out of South American hardwoods which is known to be highly resistant to decay and very easy to treat. [via designrulz]


Street: Combination Furniture

Visit A2 Designers website.


Divider Exchange

Care to try divider serving two rooms? Designed by Yukoshibata, this interesting piece has shelves accessible for both the bedroom and the workroom.   [via yukoshibata]


Piping Shelves

Currently loving these creative shelving made of industrial pipes by Stella Bleu Designs. What a great way to re-purpose things. Plus, it doesn’t take too much space.   [via design-fetish]