Deceiving Ceramic Sculpture That Look Like Paper

Artist Katharine Morling creates intricate ceramic sculptures that deceives your eyes by making them look like paper outlined with black ink. Morling describes her work, “Each piece, on the surface, an inanimate object, has been given layers of emotion and embedded with stories, which are open for interpretation in the viewer’s mind.”   [via katharinemorling, ceramicsnow]


Intricate Portraits of Famous Celebrities Carved on Lipstick

When Hong Kong based artist May Sum started working as a make-up artist, she found an unthinkable medium for her sculpting talents, lipstick! See some of her intricate works below…


Large-scale Ceramic Sculpture Raise Awareness on Devastation of Coral Reefs

Artist and ocean advocate Courtney Mattison created a series called ‘Our Changing Seas III‘. The reason behind this project is to create awareness on the devastation of coral reefs due to climate change. Photos by Arthur Evans, Courtney Mattison via 123inspiration    


Artist Sculpts Each Piece of Brick to Form One Outstanding Artwork

Sculptor Brad Spencer uses an ancient method of creating sculptures using individual bricks. This unique technique involves sculpting each piece of brick before patiently assembling all to form an outstanding artwork. Find out more on Brad Spencer’s website.   [via bradspencer, visualnews]


Life-Size Geometrical Animal Sculpture Inspired by Dramatic Forms of the Mountains

Artist Ben Foster creates life-size forms of animals in minimalist geometric form which are photographed against New Zealand’s beautiful sceneries. Ben Foster draws upon the physical landscape of home with his static, stylised figurative works mirroring the dramatic forms of the mountains which are his backdrop. Similarly, his kinetic abstract sculptures echo the restless coastal waters and winds which swiftly reshape the stony shores. His artistic practice serves as a […]


Strikingly Geometrical Horse-Drawn Carriage Installation by Xavier Veilhan

French artist Xavier Veilhan‘s project Le Carrosse or The Large Carriage is a modern take on the traditional horse-drawn carriage. This purple and strikingly geometrical sculpture was first installed in Versailles in 2009. From 2012 until November of last year, the Le Carrosse was also displayed in front of the Museum of fine arts in Arras where several carriages designed from yester-year were exhibited.   Meanwhile in South Korea, the […]


Artsy Furniture by Jinil Park that looks like Drawn Sketches

South Korean furniture designer and independent artist Jinil Park has created a series of artsy furniture made up of steel wires. The chairs, lamps and table look like roughly drawn sketches that make you feel as if you are living in an animated world. To create the impression of lines drawn with a pen, Park hammered wires of varied thicknesses that eventually distort the lines. The wires are then intersected […]


Fascinating ‘Lightwave’ Sculptural Bench by After Architecture

Design team After Architecture has created this unique sculptural bench called Lightwave, which can be seen beside the OMA’s Milstein Hall in Cornell University, New York. The public art installation is composed of 264 black locust posts that were CNC milled, sanded, painted and assembled into the grid. Each grid of square timbers undulate thereby forming a variety of seating alcoves. At night, the brightly-colored interior sides of the wood […]


Stunning Microbolante Light Sculpture by Vincent Buret

Sydney-based furniture designer Vincent Buret has designed Microbolante, a light sculpture that allows you to experience a complex, ever-shifting rainbow of colors. This light piece was commissioned by Billy Blue Design School for Vivid (Light Festival) on the Rooftop of the MCA – Museum Contemporary of Art of Australia. Buret used the properties of Radiant Plexiglas, a mirror-like, translucent, colour-emitting material, in a dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces), internally lit. Colors change with the angle of […]


Fascinating Sculptural Installation by McConnell Studios

North Carolina-based McConnell Studios has designed Signals, a 1,865-pound, 16′ x 16′ x 4′ sculptural installation in the lobby of an Indianapolis company. The structure is composed of five fastened vertical sections attached to the base made of a 1000-pound steel plate.   Description of the Designer: The concept is an expression of the path of information, the signals that transmit audio, video, imagery, and the data we rely on […]