The School That 'Listens' by Jessop and Cook Architects

Jessop and Cook Architects have designed the St Mary’s Infant School located in Church Green, Witney, Oxfordshire, UK. Completed in 2013, this 163 square meter warm and hospital learning center was designed using the relation approach and listening, listening and more listening.  Description by Jessop and Cook Architects:  We enjoy working with our clients, other consultants and contractors. We aim to pass on that enjoyment so that the process of designing […]


Imaginative + Motivating Learning Spaces at Vittra School Brotorp

Dutch studio Rosan Bosch developed the motivating and colorful interiors for the learning spaces of Stockholm’s Vittra School Brotorp that was completed in 2012. The Vittra Schools is part of the Swedish free school organization Vittra and are located in Telefonplan, Södermalm, and Brotorp. Vittra School Brotorp by Rosan Bosch Studio: Multifunctional learning spaces, colorful interiors and small niches for concentration and contemplation. Rosan Bosch Studio has created an interior design with flexible environments […]


Invigorating Rainbow Design of a Kindergarten

Ecole Maternelle Pajol is a kindergarten in Rue Pajol in Paris that went thru an extremely colorful renovation by French architecture agency Palatre & Leclère. The colorful design exterior continues inside creating a positive, playful and stimulating environment for the children and staff. [via jeanniejeannie]