Gorgeous Peter’s House with Movable Louvers in California by Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely Architecture has designed this private resident called ‘Peter’s House’ on a steep site the above Dolores Park in San Francisco, California. Its most distinctive feature would have to be its use of a system of moveable louvers, which according to the firm was “built from reclaimed lumber sourced from the San Francisco Presidio to regulate openness and privacy”. [via trendir]


Stairway to Positivity

Dragging your feet up the stairs? But what if the flight of stairs look like these colorful ones, would you still get tired climbing up those 163 steps? Remarkably, the residents of San Francisco, USA thought of making their travel up the stairs more enjoyable. In 2003, they came up with a project entitled The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps intended to bring positivity and cheerfulness to every person. The project was formally inaugurated on August […]