10 Romantic Getaways that are #travelgoals

Wanting to cross out that #travelgoals on your bucket list with your special someone? Well, you may want to check out the following romantic getaways that you could visit not only Valentine’s Day but throughout the year full of love!   1. Bali, Indonesia What’s the catch: Romantic feeling that you and your partner are the only two people left in the world What to do: (a thing or two) […]


Striking Red Interiors of the Opera Garnier Restaurant in Paris by Studio Decq

Valentines’ day may be over but hey.. today is still February and that means that the L-O-V-E month is definitely far from being over. With  less than a week before March comes in, you may want to check out this cool restaurant in the romantic city of Paris that will make you fall in love all over again with its passionate red interiors. Description by Studio Decq: Like a phantom, […]


Captivating Rainbow Roses

Yes, red roses are absolutely romantic while white roses signify purity… But would you want to receive a multi-colored rose? Sometimes it is not all about the color of the flower, isn’t it. What really matters is the good intention behind it, what the heart truly says and that is real love. Anyway, interested to know how these roses became rainbow-colored? The stem was split in equal parts and each splinter was dipped in water with different food dyes and […]


Isn't It Romantic?

via modernhepburn.tumblr.com via kansascityweddingpictures.com via stylemepretty.com via kissthegroom.com via pinterest.com via greenweddingshoes.com   Don’t you think?


Love the way you say it

Via piccsy.com I really love that line, just perfect for the L-O-V-E month! Have someone told you that? What would you reply back if someone did? You might as well try this one below: Via funstuffcafe.com Yes, love can make us really “cheesy” and “mushy” at times. No doubt about it, huh? Via piccsy.com Via piccsy.com How about this one below? This is what you call “literal,” agree or disagree? Anyhow, it’s still sweet isn’t […]