Impressive Artworks Made From Recycled Paper by Material Immaterial Lab

Material Immaterial Lab has come up with a series of unconventional designs of light fittings and furniture made from recycled paper using the concept of papier-mâché. Description by Material Immaterial Lab: The texture and details in nature have always been awe-inspiring, from the form of the flowers to the translucence of ferns, the texture of mushrooms, softness of mosses and the strength of the nautilus, they have all mesmerized us at […]


Artist Makes Unique Collages Made From Upcycled Security Envelopes

Instead of throwing out old security envelopes, artist Sarah Nicole Philips saw an art medium. Philips creates unique landscape collages by utilizing the different colors and prints inside each upcycled security envelopes. [via sarah nicole phillips, makezine]


Fantastic Works made from Recycled Cardboards by Marie-José Gustave

Montréal-based Marie-José Gustave would be best described as an artist of the everyday as she creates impressive works made from recycled cardboards. Her handmade products include an array of artworks and functional objects such as lamps and pieces of furniture. With every craft she makes, Gustave tries to explore the creative nature of flat boxes by giving them volume, texture and functionality. [via homedsgn]


Thousands of Colorful Plastic Bottles Installed To Appear Like Traditional Textile

Plastic bottles totaling around 2,100 pieces became an interactive public art project namedArgallios as initiated by Athenian studio Kollektivemind*. The inspiration was to mimic the pattern of a traditional weaving called Cretan. “Cretan woven fabrics with geometrical decoration are among the richest and most structured traditional geometrical weaves worldwide, even though only one shape, the diamond, and its variants are used.” The diamond-shaped slots of cyclone wire fence surrounding a primary school in Chania were […]


Awesome Paper Art Made From Thousands of Museum Tickets by Mia Liu

Artist Mia Liu finds materials in everyday items. In this particular art installation, thousands of Guggenheim tickets were put together to create a wonderfully unique recycled art. Artist says: I like to draw freely, and is particularly mesmerized by the unique textures created by drawing on different papers; therefore, I love to discover different papers from my everyday life to use as my creative medium, and the medium itself also leads to […]


Recycled Door Knobs Assembled to Replicate the Starry Night

We’ve seen plenty of ingenious ways of replicating a famous painting like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Examples are the ones made with spices and intricate quills. David Goldberg, an artist from Maryland, created a masterpiece from recycled door knobs and door hardware. It turned out so beautiful that it’s attracting visitors as well. [via inhabitat]


Creative Wood + Newsprint Paintings by Lee Kyu-Hak

Korean artist Lee Kyu-Hak found an interesting mix of materials in his artworks. From afar, you’d think that these are paintings in strong brushstrokes. A closer look reveals the use of wood strips covered in newsprints first before it’s painted over with appropriate colors. Seriously awesome. See more at  Lee Kyu-Hak’s Art Gallery.   [via monkeyknifefight and colossal]


Amusing Bottle Art

Talented Illustrator Eric Barclay sees used bottles as a perfect canvas for his art. He turns an ordinary container into adorable 3d characters with hand painting. Cool.   [via jocundist and Foodiggity]


Broken Skateboard Colorful Sculptures

I have been curious about these artworks ever since I caught an article about it in a magazine. Not your ordinary passion for skateboards, his passion is for broken skateboards. Rather than throwing it away, he makes an art out of it. What a great way to commemorate a good ‘ol skateboard right? He is a Japanese wood sculptor named Haroshi. Himself a skateboard enthusiast, he creates colorful mementos out […]