Exceptionally Creative Artworks Made from Recycled Materials by Ole Ukena

German conceptual artist Ole Ukena enjoys utilizing various resources like text, video, photography, drawing and sculpture. Probably, his most distinctive work includes those made of recycled materials mixed with a bit of humor. The first art piece above is called “Protected Paradise”, wherein he actually used barbed wire. You would be amazed to know as you look into the piece that was at first you thought like it was just […]


Old Bike Wheel Transformed into an Exquisite LED Lamp

Check out this stunning LED lamp made by Vasileios Roumeliotis for Roumelight. The Wheel Light was made from a recycled bicycle tire placed against a black glass. The lamp can be illuminated in two ways, either through a striking circle of 18 dimmable bulbs (G4) or a hidden length of perimetric LED tape. It represents the green method of transportation as well as the enlightened forward movement of inventive ideas and creativity. [ […]


5,000 Pieces of Porcelain Make a Unique + Towering Christmas Tree

We love community-driven projects like this huge Christmas tree in Belgium. This year, the residents of Hasselt, Belgium managed to collect 5,000 pieces of donated porcelain items such as mugs and plates of different sizes. The result is a beautifully lit tree standing at 30 ft tall now being displayed in the city. Projects like this make this holiday season even more heartwarming doesn’t it? This towering Christmas tree will […]


Impressive Furniture made from Shredded Magazines

Who ever said that shredded paper would still be as useful as these ones are? Apparently, someone said yes and that is Florence-based Belgian designer Jens Praet who came up with his collection of Shredded Magazine Furniture. Kilos of glossy leftover magazines where shredded, met with resin, molded, and allowed to harden, that eventually resulted to furniture as firm as those made of wood. The series was developed in collaboration with the publication […]


Ingenious Recycled Beer Can Art by Macaon

Drinking beer could seriously bring good effects the way it hit Japanese internet user Macaon. Said artist came up with recycling empty beer cans. He would either use a single can of beer or sometimes multiples, including soda cans, if he so desires to have different colors. Check more of his works at his website.


Café In Amsterdam Made of Re-purposed Materials

Most of the time, the lack of resources brings out the better out of people. So when the community of Noorderpark in Amsterdam thought of a new community structure, the limited funds drove them to use 100% second-hand materials. The charred wood exterior cladding was produced using an ancient Japanese technique called shou sugi ban, which is said to be cost-effective and also low maintenace. Not only did it save them money, […]


Watch My Bicycle

Look at how people can do such an amazing work. Who would have thought that an already considered as a scrap of an old watch can be transformed into such brilliant work of art? [via nbalgd.info]


Recycled Cans Transformed into Miniature Canbots

Artist Orson Li makes little creatures from 100% recycled soda cans. His artworks is inspired by origami which means he doesn’t use glue, screws or welding to put them together.   Find out more of his works by visiting www.canbot.com.   [via recyclebank]


Functional + Recycled Elements + Studio in Brazil

Thinking of maximizing your small space? There are cool ideas found in this 600 sqm studio in Brazil. Most of the furniture are multi-purpose that are creatively made out of recycled materials.    Photos by Simone Tasca via treehugger and construirmaispormenos


Astounding Recycled Furniture Projects

[via fixr]