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1. Re-purpose an empty milk jug into a lunch box.. 2. Easily organize coffee mugs, fit the handles onto the slots. 3. Grab chargers with ease by threading them thru bulldog clips. 4. Pencils on colorful tissue cardboard holder.  5. Bread box turned into a unique charging station. 6. Turn your old CD spindle into a simple tissue paper dispenser. 7. Desk organizer using cardboard. 8. Save your toilet paper rolls and use it to organize your extension […]


Finds: Random, Interesting + Ideas


Finds: Random, Interesting, Home + Ideas


Chase the blues away this Christmas

The different shades of blue are really fascinating, aren’t they? Care to see some of them? Here they go… But wait. Ain’t that cake delectable? Looks so yummy! Oh well, take two, here are the other shades of blue!


The Glow of Yellow

Do you consider “yellow” as one of your favorite colors? If not, your perception mind change after seeing all these wonderful yellow finds. The first picture above is the ceiling of M Coffee based in Tehran, Iran and it was designed by Hooman Balazadeh. Isn’t that great? Oh well, hope you’d appreciate the rest of the yellow finds below! This one’s very cool, the Tellus Nursery School in Sweden. I’m […]


Unique But Great Finds

I found this very cool website that lives by its name,, with its tagline, “all things cool.” Now that’s very cool for the fourth time I’ve said it. That clock up there is the coolest that I have seen. It is called QLOCKTWO and it tells you time in words. It features a matrix of letters, where the letters that spell the current time illuminate. A brightness sensor adjusts the illumination automatically whenever needed. […]