Welcoming Mandeville Canyon by Whipple Russell Architects

Los Angeles-based Whipple Russell Architects designed the Mandeville Canyon located in Brentwood, California. This welcoming horse ranch is a romantic blend of contemporary and Mediterranean architectural sensibilities. Mandeville Canyon by Whipple Russell Architects: The house was originally created for two artists, husband and wife; one an architect turned director, another, a writer and sommelier. Both were very passionate about every detail that had gone into the creation of all their living […]


Classic Ranch Inspired Design of Palm Desert House

Seattle based studio Heliotrope Architects have designed the Palm Desert House located in California. Palm Desert House by Heliotrope Architects: A new residence for the Architect’s parents located in a country club development with strict design guidelines governing many of the exterior characteristics of the building (pitched roof required, etc.). The house found its inspiration in the classic west-coast ranch house style – a single story structure with low-pitched sloped roofs and an open, […]


A Whimsical Ranch

Adventurous, bright and whimsical. Far from the dark and mute colors that ranches are often associated with. Good thing that the homeowners weren’t afraid to use bold colors and different textures. You’ll notice a variety of seating areas and workstations. The thought of it is to promotetogetherness in an open plan. The Atelier interior design team did a really good job, together with the architects, contractor, crafts people and landscape architects. Clearly the output exudes nature […]