Stunning Microbolante Light Sculpture by Vincent Buret

Sydney-based furniture designer Vincent Buret has designed Microbolante, a light sculpture that allows you to experience a complex, ever-shifting rainbow of colors. This light piece was commissioned by Billy Blue Design School for Vivid (Light Festival) on the Rooftop of the MCA – Museum Contemporary of Art of Australia. Buret used the properties of Radiant Plexiglas, a mirror-like, translucent, colour-emitting material, in a dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces), internally lit. Colors change with the angle of […]


Awesome Rainbow-Like Illumination System For Your Home

Wouldn’t it be lovely to fill up your home with rainbow colors? And wouldn’t it be lovelier if every part of your residence is filled with different colors through lighting fixtures? Check out this awesome illumination system wherein you can choose whatever color you would want to have in your room. What’s more exciting with this innovation is that the light is smoothly led wherever you want it to be. […]


Spectacular Rainbow + Waterfall Coalition

While standing near a cliff at the Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park, California, photographer Justin Lee had the opportunity of a lifetime in witnessing this natural wonder. Wow. Read more: The Daily Mail.


Rainbow Connection