Fun Rainbow Park Installation by Adam Kalinowski

The Queen’s Walk in London, UK, was transformed into a stimulating play area when 150 tonnes of sand dyed in rainbow colors blended with equally colorful sculptural pieces covered its pavement. It was opened on June 16th 2012. Children and families alike will get to enjoy this space until September 9th 2012. This playful outdoor installation by Polish sculptor Adam Kalinowski is a part of the Festival of the World organised by the Southbank Centre. He […]


Darlington's Brick Train is a Huge Time Capsule

This massive sculpture was commissioned and created by David Mach way back in 1997. The reason behind it was to celebrate the rich railway heritage of Darlington. It was modeled after the 1938 126mph steam locomotive “Mallard”. 185,000 numbers of bricks, 170 cubic meters of concrete, weighing 15,000 tons, covering and area of 600 square meters. This hollow brick train sculpture measures 23 ft high by 130 ft long. It took 21 […]


Vibrant Origami Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice

Part of the Japanese culture is the ‘Legend of the One Thousand Cranes’ where it’s said that for a wish to be granted, one must fold 1000 pieces of paper cranes. During a visit in Japan Mademoiselle Maurice, found out about a survivor of the Hiroshima Bomb, Sadako Sasaki, who started doing a thousand cranes but passed away before he could finish it. Since then, children from all over Japan send […]