Impressive Installation Made of 250,000 Euro Cent Coins by Sagmeister & Walsh

New York City-based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh has created this 300-square-meter public art installation made of 250,000 Euro cent coins in Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam. Using the four different shades of the coins, the team along with 100 volunteers spelled out the phrase, ‘Obsessions Make My Life Worse And My Work Better’.  The project intends to convey a message about having a passion for work. Stefan Sagmeister,  art director […]


Fascinating ‘Lightwave’ Sculptural Bench by After Architecture

Design team After Architecture has created this unique sculptural bench called Lightwave, which can be seen beside the OMA’s Milstein Hall in Cornell University, New York. The public art installation is composed of 264 black locust posts that were CNC milled, sanded, painted and assembled into the grid. Each grid of square timbers undulate thereby forming a variety of seating alcoves. At night, the brightly-colored interior sides of the wood […]


Enchanting Alabama Underpass Filled with LED Rainbow Lights

Sculptor and light artist Bill Fitzgibbons has embarked on a new project called “Light Rails” in collaboration with REV Birmingham. The installation involved the restoration of a dark and somewhat neglected 1931 underpass in the historic 18th Street, Birmingham, Alabama. On top of celebrating art and light, the installation also intends to light up the dark shadows of the covered walkway to convey a certain feeling of security while traversing […]


Amusing + Innovative Water Light Graffiti

Just when you think you’ve seen all kinds of graffiti, another find surprises you. Antonin Fourneau introduces Water Light Graffiti system. A huge moisture-sensitive panel filled with LEDs that lights up once touched with water! What makes this even more enjoyable is that the grafitti is temporary and you can draw almost anything on it, like an awesome version of etch-a-sketch. Lucky visitors in Poitiers, France where it was displayed recently. Watch it on display here and […]