Adorable Dog Riders + Idea for Halloween

Last minute idea for Halloween are these cute little riders for your pup. This adorable series called Dog Riders Pet Costumes was created by Paper Magic. [via picamemag and brandflakesforbreakfast]


Creative Peephole Stickers

Add some cool factor to your doors peephole by adding these cute animal sticker designs. Pimp Your Door collection from design studio Studio Excite. More amusing designs here.    [via designrulz]


Unique But Great Finds

I found this very cool website that lives by its name,, with its tagline, “all things cool.” Now that’s very cool for the fourth time I’ve said it. That clock up there is the coolest that I have seen. It is called QLOCKTWO and it tells you time in words. It features a matrix of letters, where the letters that spell the current time illuminate. A brightness sensor adjusts the illumination automatically whenever needed. […]