Incredible Portraits Made of Thousands of Multi-colored Staple Wires

New York-based artist James Haggerty patiently created a series of portraits of Star Wars characters – a mosaic of multi-colored staple wires. Each portrait is made up of more than 10,000 pieces of staples. See more of his work right here. [via laughingsquid]  


New Exquisite Minimalist Pencil Portraits by Ileana Hunter

UK-based artist Ileana Hunter (previous post) have completed new minimalist pencil portraits. Hunter’s expressive and intricately detailed work would be a great idea for decorating your wall. One of her best selling work is Audrey Hepburn’s portrait above. Check out more of Ileana Hunter’s amazing portfolio on Facebook and Deviant Art and available on Etsy. [via republicx]


Playfully Impressive Celebrity Portraits made from Scribbles

Malaysian artist Vince Low sure knows how to make great scribbles. With his series, Low has created celebrity portraits made of swirling lines, which at first you would think are just ordinary and playful doodlings. Check them out and see how many celebrities you can name out of these impressive illustrations. You may also want to see more of his works on  Behance.


Intimate Sepia-toned Portraits by Max Zorn

Amsterdam based artist Max Zorn render vintage-looking portraits called tape art. For those who are wondering about tape art, all of the details are in fact made with only brown packaging tape. The shades and shadows created by layers upon layers of packaging tape give that quaint intimacy and dramatic effect in each of his creation. If you’re curious on how Max does it, you have to watch one of the making-of-videos.    More […]


Incredible Portraits Made of Tulle Fabric

Tulle is most commonly used for veils, wedding gowns, and ballet tutus. Now you’ll see it used as ‘paint’. Artist Benjamin Shine likes to ‘paint with fabric’, particularly tulle netting. He says; The idea of ‘painting with fabric’ led to the development of this technique where the portrait image is created through the intricate pleating and pressing of a single length of tulle fabric. The technique aims to utilise the transluscent qualities of […]


Amazing Portraits Rendered Using Discarded Jeans

Who would’ve thought of making portraits made entirely of jeans? That would be British artist  Ian Berry, also called Denimu. At first, you wouldn’t think that these portraits and urban landscapes were created by weeks and weeks of cutting, stitching and gluing jean fabrics because the composition, shades and shadows are simply remarkable. But it is made of discarded jeans and that’s “Jean-ius”. Check out more of Ian Berry works on his website. [via hypenotice]


Exquisite Minimalism Pencil Drawings by Ileana Hunter

U.K. based graphite artist Ileana Hunter creates exquisitely detailed minimalist pencil portraits. Her impressive collection of drawings are simply beautiful. About the artist, Her realistic drawings are inspired by both the fluidity of the human body and the hidden lyricism of mundane objects. Distinctive by the intricate detail work and minimalistic compositions, her pieces are in art collections throughout the world. Check out more of Ileana Hunter’s amazing portfolio on Facebook and Deviant Art. Her […]


Intricate Ink Stamp Pointillism by Federico Pietrella

Real artists never run out of great ideas just like Federico Pietrella who recreates photographs of simple objects by using the ever-reliable date stamp. Check out his works after the jump! [via koikoikoi]


Incredible Embroidered Wool Portraits

Yes these are actually embroidered creations by painter Cayce Zavaglia. Switching from paintbrush to needlework wasn’t a walk in the park for Cayce. Unlike painting where he can mix her paint color to achieve the desired effect, wool comes in fewer color range. He was able to overcome it though. From his bio he said: Progressively, I created a system of sewing the threads in a sequence that would ultimately give […]