Creative Portrait Made of Food + Drinks

Clase Premier magazine features chef Rene Redzepi for its August cover. For this undertaking, graphic studio Golpeavisa took a different approach. Carefully choreographing food, drinks, and table ware that resulted in an incredible portrait. Watch the setting process here. [via illusion]


Incredible Single Line Spiral Drawings

You would find it hard to believe once you find out how artist Chan Hwee Chong did these series of drawings. Commissioned by Faber Castel last year, Chan Hwee Chong used their Artist Pens to demonstrate precision and control. He draws concentric rings using just one line and skillfully adds pressure to certain points leaving a masterful portrait. Watch how he drew Girl With A Pearl Earring here. Amazing.      [via behance]


Portraits Using Thousands of Recycled Wine Corks

Scott Gundersen spends hundreds of hours to make incredible portraits using recycled wine corks. In July this year, he finished a project named Trisha (first photo) where he used 3,621 pieces of natural wine corks. Back in 2009, he made Jeanne from 3,842 recycled wine corks. Last year he made Grace from 9,217 wine cork pieces. Watch the timelapse last 50 hours of a 200 hour project here. Scott will start on his next project which will be his biggest yet. Follow Scott on Facebook, Twitter and Behance for […]


People are Pixels

Look closely, people as pixels in this Audrey Hepburn portrait.   [via Artexpo from Flickr]


Biggest Toast Portrait Mosaic

Laura Hadland’s huge gift for her mother-in-law is 9,852 slices of bread or 600 loves of bread. 40 of Laura’s friends helped out brown the bread on nine toasters to create the word’s biggest toast mosaic of her mother-in-law’s portrait, Sandra Whitfield. The tribute, which Laura describes as ‘a treat made with love and a sense of randomness’. Read more:   [via golberz]


Pencil Shaving Portraits by Kyle Bean

True artists never run out of tools that exhibit their passion for arts and craft. Kyle Bean is  such a genius when he thought of using pencil shavings to form portraits. Check them out… [via]


Amazing and Beautiful Nailed Portrait

We’ve seen an artist use screws to make a portrait. And now, nails. The artist’s name is Saimir Strati. In this endeavour, the nails are positioned so close to each other it creates a 3d effect. Combining the varied nail sizes create depth that when you view the finished work from above, it looks like a drawing in shimmering pencil.    Saimir Strati is Guinnes Record holder for The Largest Nail Mosaic was made on 4 September 2006. See more of […]


Portraits Ahoy

Remember having your portraits taken? “Look to your right a bit, a bit more, more, mooore. That’s it. Smile!” And we freeze our most awkward smile and our necks are stiff by the end of it. Why, it can be more fun isn’t it? Like these? [via]


Arts and Screws

That’s right. He screws his art, literally. Meet Andrew Myers, one of the most patient modern day sculptor of today. He starts with a base, draws a portrait and pre-drills holes for the screws. He doesn’t use technology to do a pattern, he plays-it-by-ear. Now, that’s talent. He didn’t use screws for art when he was starting, he just thought of it one day, while working on a bronze relief […]


Fantastic Word Art

[via best book marks]