Impressive Portraits Made From Bubble Wraps

Is there anyone out there who wasn’t addicted at all to popping bubble wraps? In this case, our addiction should be set aside for a while and check out how New York-based artist Bradley Hart has come up with a series of portraits using our precious bubble wraps. Each bubble is injected with acrylic paint and after a delicate process, stunning pixelated illustrations are created. The artist says: The idea of using bubble […]


Artist Makes Portrait From Strips of Paper Cut From Poems

U.K. based artist Jamie Poole created an intimate portrait called Sophie. This meticulous artwork is a actually a collage of printed words from poems. According to Jamie, The verses of a specially selected collection of poems have been carefully dissected and layered on the support of this painting to create her portrait. The text meanders and flows around the curves of her features and is embedded deep in her eyes creating an […]


Impressive Dog Portraits by Daniel Sadlowski

Check out these really nice dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski who refers to himself as an extraordinary Photographer and Web designer from Duisburg, Germany. You can view more of his photos Facebook-Fanpage! or through his Portfolio. [via behance]


Awe-inspiring Coffee Cup Stain Portrait of a Genius

Architect-artist Hong Yi was commissioned by Nespresso through Connexia to do a coffee cup stain portrait of the beloved Italian singer Lucio Dalla on site in Milan. Lucio Dalla was a popular Italian singer-songwriter, musician and actor who passed away in March of this year. The beautiful piece was showcased last September at the new Nespresso boutique in Bologna, right below Lucio’s studio and apartment. According to Hong Yi: This project was a really meaningful one because I met many people who […]


Iconic Photos Complemented with a Tinge of Color

Black and white photos are absolutely nostalgic, especially those that depict the annals of history. But wouldn’t it be also lovely to view some of history’s iconic photos with a tinge of color? Check them after the jump! i All these photos were done by Sweden-based artist Sanna Dullaway. She has recently started a business in restoring and colorizing old black & white photographs. Check out her gallery at Deviant Art or head over to her website Past in […]


Stunning Adele Portrait + Hot Candle Wax

Barely three weeks ago I featured the superb portrait of Mark Zuckerberg made out of sliced off book edges. For this week, the same artist behind it offers another feast for our eyes.  Malaysian artist-architect, Hong Yi thought of coming up with an art project involving the 4 basic elements: fire, water, wind and earth. Inspired by Adele’s song “Set Fire to the Rain”, Hong Yi used candles and fire as her painting materials and look what […]


Spectacular Portraits Made From Thousands of Jelly Beans

Honestly, as far as I can remember I think I haven’t eaten a single jelly bean in my entire life. Really? Yes, absolutely true! Amazingly, those who love as well as those who are not fond of jelly beans would be fascinated to know that these beans (I mean thousands of beans) could actually be used to make a portrait and that would be considered as a spectacular piece of art. Here […]


Crisp Black and White Portraits by Josh Bryan

It’s amazing how artists come up with unique approach for each of their creation. England-based artistJosh Bryan has a series of one-of-a-kind portrait drawings called Triangulations. These are crisp depictions of famous celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Helen Bonham Carter, and Johnny Knoxville. Each illustration is composed of triangles and hatches using pen as his primary medium. What makes this more impressive is how Josh showed emotion with each portrait. Visit Josh Bryan’s […]


Superb Portrait + Sliced Off Book Edges

Does that face look familiar? If you happen to be a Facebook fanatic and a true keen observer you’d be able to notice easily that the face actually resembles Mark Zuckerberg, the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc. The idea behind this concept was instantaneously thought of by Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist-architect, who goes by the nickname ‘Red.’ For seven days, the artist cut grooves into a total of 36 books by slicing off the edges […]


3500 Pieces of Lipstick Make a Leila Khaled Portrait

Palestinian artist Amie Shomali honors Leila Khaled, a revolutionary woman known as the “poster girl of Palestinian militancy”. Using an unusual medium of 3,500 pieces of lipsticks in 14 different shades, he was able to recreate the famous photo of Leila Khaled holding an AK-47 and wearing a kaffiyeh, as photographed by Eddie Addams. This project called Icon was finished last year and got featured in an art exhibition at Birzeit University. [via odditycentral]