A Unique Pop-up Hotel is Sleeping Around

This pop-up hotel makes you ‘sleep around’ in an eco-friendly way. The Sleeping Around hotel are upcycled shipping containers that makes appearances in different locations. Currently in Antwerp, find out more info and future locations on their website. For those who enjoys wandering and having comfort and luxury at the same time, this hotel offers a readymade answer: a compact yet luxurious hotel room, equipped with all the mod cons: a box-spring bed, rain shower, iPod docking […]


Comfortable + Portable Hotel Room Called SLEEPBOX

Moscow based studio Arch Group have designed the SLEEPBOX. This project is a portable sleeping room has all your basic necessities (LED lamps, beds, chargers, ventilation, electrical outlets and WiFi) for a quick ‘getaway’ from a busy public place such as an airport, railroad stations, exhibition centers or shopping malls. The first SLEEPBOX was installed at the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia. SLEEPBOX by Arch Group: Imagine the situation where you are in a modern […]