Laidback Portable Home by ÁBATON

This 27 square meter portable home called ÁPH80 was designed and manufactured by ÁBATON in Spain as an ideal residence for two people. It features three different spaces – living room/kitchen, a full bathroom and a double bedroom. The calmness and balance of ÁPH80 is attributed to its hypoallergenic wood material. The exterior is covered with grey cement wood board. It also has a ventilated façade with 12cm thermal insulation […]


Compact Home Fit Inside a Garbage Truck

A garbage truck wouldn’t be the first place you’d think of building a mobile home but here’s a beautiful example. Built inside a standard UNICAT garbage truck, all your basic needs is fit inside this tiny shelter. It has a bedroom, office, bathroom and a cozy lounge. It also features a small skylight that provides natural lighting that makes it look bigger, warmer and more comfortable.    [via shoeboxdwelling]