Tecido Platter by Gonçalo Campos

Designer Gonçalo Campos shares with us his latest project. Veil inspired porcelain wares called Tecido Platte. Gonçalo says, After a complex process of essentially giving substance and rigidity to a piece of fabric, and then fix it’s shape, so a mould could be cast, this light, and surprising object was created. All this happened in the authentic and historical grounds of Vista Alegre, a Portuguese Porcelain and Crystal company founded back in 1824. Tecido is […]


Fun with Sports on your Plate

Boguslaw Sliwinsk has created a new ware series called Sports Plates showing tiny sportsmen in action. Play around and get creative with your food with these fun silhouettes kids! [via dezeen]


Fun Transportation Plates

Eat it before it’s ‘gone’. A playful ceramic art series called ‘Transportation Plates” by Poland craftsman Boguslaw Sliwinski. Find out more, visit Boguslaw Sliwinski website.   [via designyoutrust]