Glittering Disco Ball Offers Hot Pizza in Vienna

Lukas Galehr of Madame Mohr studio have designed the simplistic interior of Disco Volante, an Italian pizzeria. There is a surprising feature inside Maria Fuch’s pizzeria, instead of a traditional looking pizza oven, a rotating giant glittering disco ball is where the hot pizzas are made. Photos by Lukas Schaller via yatzer


Charming Vintage Interior of Kook Restaurant by Noses Architects

Noses Architects designed the charming vintage interior of the Kook resturant located in Lazio, in the central peninsular section of Italy. This osteria (a place serving wine and simple food) and pizzeria was completed in 2012. Photos by Mohamed Keilani


Del Popolo: Roaming Pizzeria

Del Popolo is a moving pizzeria committed to creating neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients from small, generational producers. They make delectable pizzas and roams around San Francisco. You may find out updates on their webiste, facebook or twitter. Del popolo is housed in a twenty-foot transatlantic shipping container that’s been re-purposed and modified into a kitchen. a wall of glass doors exposes the interior, including the traditional italian-made wood-fired oven. [via notcot]