Stunning Mar de Luz House in Peru by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Architectural firm Oscar Gonzalez Moix designed the Mar de Luz House, a stunning residence in Paracus, Peru that covers a total living surface of 778 square meters. According to the architects:  “The premise in the development of this project was to always keep the views of the bay and the horizon present in every area of the house. We needed to place the program so that the spaces would connect visually, the transparency should […]


Enchanting Beachfront House in Peru by Doblado Arquitectos

Doblado Arquitectos designed this enchanting beachfront house in La Jolla, Peru. Its most distinguishing and stunning feature would have to be the carved out niches between the spaces of the different parts of the house. These are filled with windows that let natural light in and keep the residence private. At night, the home is lit with electric lights that give the whole place a gorgeous feel. [via design-milk]


Beautiful Beach House in Peru by Metropolis

Metropolis has designed this beautiful beach home located in La Jolla, Peru. Description by Metropolis: The project is located on Lot 50 block F-1, First Row, La Jolla Urbanisation, District of Asia, Cañete Province, Lima Department. The land has an area of 300 m2. The proposal includes the development of a single family beach house with two floors, plus a service basement. The main access to the property is from […]