Fascinating Sails Park Benches in Canada by Les Ateliers Guyon

If you have been dreaming to sail across serene waters but seems to be lacking the guts to do so, you may want to try first sitting down on a bench that looks like a sailboat and get the feel of it. Along the bank of the St Lawrence River in the City of Verchères, Canada, you would be able to find a group of unique benches designed by Les […]


Ride the Perfect Wave in Man-made Surf Park

Good news for the would-be surfers and surfers at heart, Wavegarden is going to launched soon worldwide. The private facility in Spain’s Basque Mountain Valley has become the testing ground for the surf park which promises to mimic perfectly formed tubes with its advance wave generation system creating up to 120 waves an hour. .   1. Beach and swimming area 2. Beginners area 3. Experts area 4. Pier 5. […]


Innovative Playground Feature Huge Octopus and Colorful Robots

Monstrum studio design of playground nurtures and encourages creativity in kids. One of Monstrum’s recent projects is the Kristine Slott Park, the play space’s colorful giant animals, robots and houses turned upside down was designed as if telling a story with the children playing about playing the main characters. Read more about the project and see more photos here.   [via colossal]


Mesmerizing Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

If you happen to really love flowers then you should definitely visit Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Japan. This has become a popular tourist attraction owing to its vast area of 3.5 hectares full of lovely seasonal flower gardens such as narcissus and tulip in spring, nemophila and rose in early summer, zinnia in summer and kochia and cosmos in autumn. This beautiful place also features an amusement park set up as an annex. [via vieweird, travelingguideinfo, and ibarakiguide]