Beautiful Adventures Told Through Illuminated Light Boxes From Cut Paper

Colorado-based artists Harikrishnan Panijcker and Deepti Nair, also known as Hari and Deepti, created these remarkable light boxes made with intricately cut paper. Each light box tells a story of adventures and other awesome tales. Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless […]


Strikingly Colorful Paper Collages That Reveal Handwritten Poems

In the Neruda series, artist Caroline Attans combines text and imagery to create emotion-filled artworks. Caroline visually reinterprets the poetry of Pablo Neruda to express the conflicting and contradictory emotions of desire, humour, anger, frustration and affection that his work inspires. Words and phrases in both Spanish and English are literally folded together to create bold yet intricate circular compositions that personalize the spontaneity and directness of his passion. [ […]


Impressive Life-Sized Elephant Origami Formed From a Single Piece of Paper

After 4 weeks, with a team of a dozen people and  a single sheet of paper, artist Sipho Mabona have successfully completed the biggest elephant origami ever standing over 3 meters high. The impressive sculpture is now on display at the KKLB Art Museum in Beromünster, Switzerland. Photos courtesy Philipp Schmidli via laughingsquid


Impressive Artworks Made From Recycled Paper by Material Immaterial Lab

Material Immaterial Lab has come up with a series of unconventional designs of light fittings and furniture made from recycled paper using the concept of papier-mâché. Description by Material Immaterial Lab: The texture and details in nature have always been awe-inspiring, from the form of the flowers to the translucence of ferns, the texture of mushrooms, softness of mosses and the strength of the nautilus, they have all mesmerized us at […]


Brilliant Artist Gives Life to Paper with 3d Sculptures

Los Angeles-based artist Jeff Nishinaka gives life to paper ‘with every cut, bend and score’ as seen in his brilliant 3d sculptures. Nishinaka’s seemingly simple yet meticulous artworks has remained amazing and excellent for over 3 decades. Find out more about Nishinaka’s work on his website and fanpage.    [via Jeff Nishinaka, bloginity, inspirationfeed]


Interestingly Delectable ‘Taste the Food’ Installation by Primprim

Lithunian-based creative communication studio Primprim has created an interesting installation called “Taste the Food”. Each part of the series represents a popular dish made from paper and associated to different font styles. [via strictlypaper]


Paper Tube Chandelier by Cristina Parreño

Spanish architect Cristina Parreño created the Paper Chandeliers project for this year’s International Art Fair ARCO Madrid. In this installation, thousands of paper tubes were built up the ceiling in a wavy pattern. The tubes are lit from the inside, creating a uniquely luminous effect in apparent monochromatic theme which is the artist’s signature style. Photos by Luis Asin [via urdesign]


Superbly Unique Artwork That Emerges from Folds in Sheets of Paper

Put your hands up for Simon Schubert, such an exceptional artist who creates artworks with a plain white paper. Sounds simple? Nah, really. Schubert meticulously makes several folds on a paper creating a two-dimensional crease design that resembles the interior of particular structure or place. Simply amazing! [via woundmagazine]


Spectacular Papercut Artworks by Emma van Leest

Melbourne-based artist Emma Van Leest makes stunning paper cut artworks. Most of her creations were inspired by different culture during her travels in India, China and Indonesia. Emma takes you to the histories and other-world adventures drawn from these places. Stunning.     Go see more of Emma’s spectacular pieces on her website.


Delicately Arranged Paper Butterflies

Self-taught artists Carolyn Wong and William Du of Will and Caro studio created this beautiful collection of delicately arranged paper butterflies. Primarily working with washi (Japanese paper) Will and Caro create stunning art pieces with a story to tell.  The focus is on the simplicity, purity and delicacy of working with paper, a dying culture among the technology advancing era.  More on Will and Caro’s website and Facebook for updates.    [via oddstuffmagazine]