Amazing Brazilian Landscape of casa AL by Studio Arthur Casas

Studio Arthur Casas designed the casa AL, a three-storey residence located in the Brazilian Hills near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that provides the client panoramic views of fascinating landscape. Photos by Fernando Guerra via designboom


Amazing 360-degree Panoramic View of Unexplored Places Around the World

Just discovered a cool blog called 360 degree cities, a collection of amazing 360-degree panoramic photos from all over the world. Check out more panoramic shots below.


360 Degrees Panorama Picture Made Absolutely Possible

Everything is possible, that means, you could also make a 360 degrees panorama picture like that one. Good examples were shared by a group of talented photographers on Flickr. They have selected some great places from Germany, Sweden, Thailand, France, around Europe and the United States to create 360 photos. Patiently spending 24 hours to shoot their 360 panoramas of various landscapes. Which explains the photos where you’ll see day on […]