Old Paintings of 18th Century London Blended Into Present Day Scenes

These old paintings of 18th century London perfectly blended into present day by redditor shystone is absolutely brilliant and will make you appreciate the poignant cityscape of yesteryear. [via reddit, lostateminor]


Delectably Realistic Paintings That Looks Good Enough To Eat

Talented artist Joël Penkman‘s simple still-life paintings looks delicious it will make you go hungry. It is interesting to find out that Joël uses egg tempera as her primary medium and uses gesso to prepare her boards and actually grinds her own paint to mix. Wow. Penkman’s paintings are available on Etsy.    [via honestlywtf, joelpenkman]


Vivid Colors of Phan Thu Trang Paintings

Aside from the use of vivid colors for the trees, I happen to love the intense brushstrokes that artist Phan Thu Trang uses in her paintings. It depicts movement and lushness and gives her pieces its unique character. Trang’s naive, decorative works are characteristically Vietnamese. Making the genre of landscape her own, Trang simplifies individual elements to their bare essentials. With a limited palette, the artist employs texture to define her subjects. Smooth […]


Are these really Oil Paintings?

These are oil paintings. YES. It’s incredibly realistic that I have to remind myself that these are paintings. Excellent realism work Pedro Campos. See more of Pedro Campos’ works on his website www.pedrocampos.net