Beautiful Google Street View Scenes Mash-up with Classical Paintings

This beautiful mash-up of goodgle street view and classical paintings was done by artist Halley Docherty for The Guardian. See more of this series right here. [photos by Halley Docherty via designtaxi, theguardian]


Deceiving Food Art That is Not What It Seems

Artist Hikaru Cho deceives you with her latest series called ‘It’s not what it seems’… really. What seem to look like a ‘cucumber’ can actually be peeled open that is a banana. A tomato that was painted realistic as tangerine and an egg that was made to wittingly look like an eggplant. If you had skills like Hiraku, this would be perfect for April Fool’s Day. [via visualnews]


Makeup is Artist Hong Yi's Newest Painting Medium

Artist Hong Yi, also known as Red, likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush. You have probably heard of her past works using coffee stains, tea bag tabs and even chopped mushrooms, carrots and potatoes to make portraits and illustrations. This time, Hong Yi explores the world of makeup in creating a series of portraits to celebrate Chinese New Year. You may follow the entire series and more of […]


Awesome Oil Paintings by Ann Marie Bone

Freelance artist Ann Marie Bone paints with passion as she makes use of vibrant colors on her impressive oil paintings. Ann Marie creates paintings on orders and also customizes her old works based on the request of her clients. You may want to visit this site for more details. [via photographyheat]


Fascinating Embroidered Series by Stephanie K Clark

Artist Stephanie K Clark considers herself as a painter who paints with thread. You may have seen hyperrealistic paintings that look like photographs, or photos that resemble paintings, now Clark offers something different. She has an exceptional talent of creating embroidered art pieces of houses, log cabins and cars that look a lot like paintings. The details she puts into each work are really fascinating. [via honestlywtf]


Creative Illustrations of Superheroes made from Splashes of Paint

Check out these impressive illustrations of superheroes by Polish artist Kacper Kiec. The artist used watercolors with a unique style wherein he opted to create drawings through paint spatters. You may want visit his Tumblr site to see more of his artworks.   [via designtaxi]


Ingenious Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova Using Pages of Books as Canvas

A canvas is usually made of cotton or linen but it can always be something else, especially you’re such a genius artist. Rome-based Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova creates large-scale paintings using pages of books as canvas. Ironically, the series is called “Errata”, which is Latin for corrections of a book or article. The artist may not actually have committed an error with her paintings though. She essentially made her works more […]


Impressive Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Our fingers sure know how to do wondrous things. Check out these fascinating finger paintings by Taiwan-based artist Iris Scott. I guess the best advantage of using bare fingers when painting is that you can really manipulate it for as long you want. Unlike with a paintbrush, there is something that comes between you and the canvass. Either way, great art still comes out. The artist says: I paint what I […]


Refreshingly Vibrant Landscape Paintings by Phan Thu Trang

Be delighted with these breezy paintings created by Vietnamese Phan Thu Trang. Her works may look simple yet truly charming as the artist conveys the beautiful memories of the places that she has visited. Her paintings mainly focus on women going to the market from early dawn, farmers hastening to cycle on the village roads, peaceful afternoons or hot summer days.  The artist prefers the use of texture to define her […]


Surreal Fairy Tale Palm Paintings by Svetlana Kolosova

Now this is what you call having something wonderful at the palm of your hands, literally. Russian artist Svetlana Kolosova juggled her time as a mother of four children while doing her household chores. Though she was always preoccupied with a lot of things, she was able to find a way in which she could express her love for art. She then discovered that her left palm would be the most convenient […]