Interesting Japanese Home with an Origami-Inspired Roof by TSC Architects

TSC Architects have brought origami into life with this interesting home located in Mie, Japan with the internal space all wrapped inside the origami roof. Description by TSC Architects: Site is located in the old village surrounded by mountain, Mie Prefecture Japan. There is a stone wall made with a round stone around this area from old days a lot. There was the stone wall which a grandfather made in the […]


Impressive Life-Sized Elephant Origami Formed From a Single Piece of Paper

After 4 weeks, with a team of a dozen people and  a single sheet of paper, artist Sipho Mabona have successfully completed the biggest elephant origami ever standing over 3 meters high. The impressive sculpture is now on display at the KKLB Art Museum in Beromünster, Switzerland. Photos courtesy Philipp Schmidli via laughingsquid


Fascinating Street Art in France Using 30,000 Origamis

Check out these colorful street art installations composed of 30,000 origami pieces created by French artist Mademoiselle Maurice with the help of hundreds of volunteers. As part of Maurice’s participation in the 2013 ARTAQ Festival in Angers, France, they created a rainbow portrait along the banks of the Maine river and colored the pathway leading to the Montée St-Maurice Cathedral. [via designtaxi]


Heavenly Origami Installation by Elixr and Dream Interiors

Origami has in-explainable calming effect doesn’t it? Especially when grouped together in several of colors. Take for example this installation for Saturday in Design event by collaborating teamElixr and Dream Interiors for the white furniture showroom of Dream Interior and Kiki K’s storage boxes. The floating origami on the ceiling,and the colorful dots on the floor is all kinds of wonderful. [via plentyofcolour]


Inspiring White Flower Origami Folded for Peace

Weeks ago, we featured the Vibrant Origami Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. Now I’ve stumbled across another project called Folding for Peace that was similarly inspired by the Legend of the One Thousand Cranes. If you recall this ancient Japanese legend, it promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. Folding for Peace is a white paper garden installed last year in Nagasaki, Japan by […]


Unbelievably Small Origami Artwork

I’ve seen amazing tiny sculptures before and this is the first time that I’ve stumbled across such terrific and impossibly small paper artwork. Creating nano-origami would really, really try out your patience but clearly the artists behind it does have lots of it. That and skillful hands and a toothpick. See more on Anja Markiewicz flickr stream.


Awesome Papercraft

Love the art of paper folding? No, not swans or airplanes. How about a cute Sumo wrestler, or Super Mario or your favorite Star Wars character? Or even Iron man? If you’re at a coffee shop waiting for someone, and happen to have plenty of paper with you. Try this! [via wowcollector]


Origami-Like Bedroom + Fascinating Home

Amazing how designers come up with creative ideas. Take this outstanding home as an example. The innovative mind behind it has creative a room nested inside a room. Strong geometric folds define the space that seemed inspired by the art of origami. [via]


One Dollar Blank by Won Park - Master of Origami

[via thedesigninspiration]