Awesome Oil Paintings by Ann Marie Bone

Freelance artist Ann Marie Bone paints with passion as she makes use of vibrant colors on her impressive oil paintings. Ann Marie creates paintings on orders and also customizes her old works based on the request of her clients. You may want to visit this site for more details. [via photographyheat]


Valerio D'Ospina's Oil Paintings Dramatically Depicts Motion

Artist Valerio D’Ospina‘s oil paintings are completely enigmatic. Far from the usual urbanscape to capture in paintings, the artist favors to make dramatic portraits of shipyards, traditional trains and cityscapes. The fuzziness in each Valerio’s artwork has become his trademark, it depicts movement as if his portraits are escaping. [via journal-du-design]


Sublime Cityscapes Painted in Oil

San Francisco based artist Jeremy Mann made these mysterious-looking cityscapes using oil paint and rugged technique. Jeremy’s paintings may seem abstract at first glance but after a while your eyes will be surprised at how intimate and vigor this urbanscapes were depicted. Executed on medium to large-scale panels, each exciting work demonstrates the artist’s unmistakable style. Working on wood panels provides a strong support, where Mann can utilize a number of techniques: staining the surface, […]


Captivating Oil Painting Portraits by Harding Meyer

The artist behind these enthralling large-scale portraits is Brazilian Harding Meyer based in Germany. Oil paintings really fascinate me because they seem to exude a feeling of antiquity and class. [via thecoolist]


Excellent Realism

At first glance, I thought the picture above was a photo. I had to double take to realize it’s actually by apainter. Ralph Goings, works with water color as media. His realism painting series sure does take that style to heart. Visit Ralph Goings website.