Home Office + Guest Bedroom Made from a Shipping Container

Getting shipping containers as a nice addition to your loft seems like a nice idea. And it looks great in this industrial inspired apartment in San Francisco, California. While others used shipping containers for exteriors, owners Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan had something else in mind. They had it indoors. [via miss-design]


A creative place for creative people

Wouldn’t it be nice to work in such a conducive, bubbly, lively and creative place like this? Welcome to the world of the people behind the LEGO team!   via josieofficedesign.com


Future Apple house: Best office building in the world

Seeing architectural design concept for new buildings is always a treat moreso if it’s of a brand famous for its products innovation, surely the Apple campus won’t get left behind in the creative arena. Here,  Steve Jobs has revealed the future Apple campus which he dubbed as the “best office building in the world” and boasts of its futuristic and spaceship-like exterior and circular planning. Its construction is to start in […]