New Google Office in London

In keeping with Google’s playful environment, Scott Brownrigg designed an enjoyable office for its London-based employees. Google Office in London by Scott Brownrigg: Google’s new 3,716 sq m (40,000 sq ft) level three office at 123 Buckingham Palace Road accommodates over 300 staff and has been designed to create a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Using a local London-Brighton theme, brightly coloured timber beach huts provide meeting rooms and giant colourful dice accommodate individual video conference […]


Shell-inspired Design of Shoffice (Shed + Office)

London based studio Platform 5 Architects designed the Shoffice, a plafyully coined term for a shed and office combined space. Shoffice is a work studio shaped like a shell that beautifully blends with the garden. Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects: Shoffice (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space located to the rear of a 1950’s terraced house in St John’s Wood with the brief requiring the […]


Old Carriage House Turned Into a Fully Functional Office

New York based studio Mesh Architectures have designed the Genetic Arts Barn. Genetic Arts Barn by Mesh Architectures: How do you take an old carriage house designed for horses and chickens and turn it into a functional, fully wired office space while preserving traces of its historical significance? MESH translated existing elements – the barn door opening becomes a glazed entry, the hay door a picture window, and the cupola a light shaft […]


New Eco-Friendly Facebook Campus Design Unveiled

Facebook has commissioned architect Frank Gehry for its new west campus in Menlo Park spanning acroass a 22 acre site. Facebook’s engineering culture was largely taken into consideration in designing the new building. It resembles a warehouse where the plan is open for anything; like flexible desk spaces, couches and whiteboards everywhere for impromptu discussion. Overall, the project will bear a likeness of a community. Park-like green roof will cover the entire building […]


White Umbrella Accents Grupo Gallegos Office Design

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects latest project is the Grupo Gallegos creative headquarters. The project site was an existing cinema located adjacent to the Huntington Pier n Huntington Beach, California. Its proximity to the beach has largely influenced the playful and vibrant design of the office interior. Particularly eye-catching is the ceiling treatment of over 300 custom sunbrellas were used for lighting and to conceal spray-on fire protection.  Photos from Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects


Colorful Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna

Austria-based architecture firm INNOCAD believes that they “work with their brain, and act with their heart.” Personifying this mantra is their design for Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna. Boasting a colorful and cheerful environment that is clearly seen in every room. Featuring a playful slide, private desk pods and greenery in virtually every space. According to the architects, this project “intertwines and harmonizes physical, virtual and social working environments.” [via knstrct]


Experimental Travelling Design Studio

Instead of waiting for business to come to him, Erik Olovsson thought of a unique way of bringing his services to his prospective clients. Starting with his thesis project for his masters at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Eric purchased an old mobile home and started filling it up with everything he would use for his mobile design studio – a computer, printer, camera, paper and so on. He called it Eriks Designbuss. […]


Inspiring Design of Kirchplatz Office + Residence

Two collaborating studios, Florida-based Oppenheim Architecture + Design and Swiss-basedHuesler Architekten, have created a joint office and a residential space in Switzerland. Combining work and home life might not be ideal for some, but the Kirchplatz Office and Residence has understandably designed a favorable solution to this project. The architectural studio is built in an 18thcentury building, with a classic exterior with a minimalist surprise interior. In the backyard of the office […]


Office Raised Above Ground

Paris based studio Projectiles designed these interconnected offices in northern France that are raised above ground. These structures remind me of houses on stilts, only this ones aren’t built over a body of water.  It serves as an extension of a carpenter’s workshop and a link way between two warehouses. Photos by Vincent Fillon via dezeen


Relax in an Office by the Garden

Which part of the house do you keep an office? Have you thought about putting it inside your garden? Here’s an office I found via It’s so cosy you would want to stay in your office and get inspired to work right away.   “It’s like a little fort,” says Achitect Sarah Deeds of Deeds Design. She collaborated with carpenter John McBride for this playful project in Berkeley, California. And it’s great that they used salvaged and […]