Inspiring and Conducive NUON Office in Amsterdam by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, be inspired as you walk through the interiors of the power company Nuon designed by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects. Description by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects: The interior is completely focused on the new work: “. working NOW” 

  The office accommodates 2,100 FTEs spread over 6 floors.To create diversity and orientation of the elongated building six of Nuon Energy Sources as a starting point, which each have been translated into their own […]


Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco Nurtures Creativity + Passion

IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design have created the Twitter Global Headquarters located inside 1930s building that was once a wholesale furniture mart. The relaxed atmosphere of the 2-level headquarters focuses on nurturing Twitter culture, creativity and passion. Description by IA Interior Architects: Twitter’s new global headquarters occupies floors 7-9 of the 11-floor Market Square complex, an iconic 1937 Art Deco landmark that once housed the San Francisco wholesale furniture […]


Instagram's San Francisco Headquarters Takes You Back in Time

Instagram‘s new headquarters located in San Francisco does not have the usual sleek modern interior of a famous company. Designed by Geremia Design studio, modest company office is filled with retro pieces that will take you back in time. Photos courtesy Geremia Design via designboom


Distinct Angular Orangerock Office Masked with Cortensteel Screen by Möhn + Bouman

Rotterdam-based international architecture practice Möhn + Bouman was commissioned by a small innovative project developer called Orangerock to renovate an abandoned house into a temporary office. Located in Emmen, The Netherlands, the old structure was designed with a Cortensteel screen. The angular office building was given a faceted orange façade composed of sheets of pre-rusted steel. Description by Möhn + Bouman: The client, a small innovative project developer called Orangerock, […]


Lovely Renovation of HBS Office in Sweden by pS Arkitektur

Swedish architectural firm pS Arkitektur has recently renovated the office of HSB, Sweden’s largest housing cooperative, whose name actually means “the Savings and Construction Association of the Tenants”. The new look of the office offers a lot of colors that exude a very welcoming atmosphere and open up to more space that can be utilized for individual tasks and group meetings. Description by pS Arkitektur: HSB is Sweden´s largest housing […]


Vibrant + Colorful Nike Headquarters in UK

London-based studio Rosie Lee created a vibrant and colorful workspace for the global sportwear company Nike. Located in London, England, this newly redesigned Nike Headquarters has 3 levels with themed zones and made of sustainable and reclaimed materials. Nike Redesign of UK Headquarters:  Nike wanted to utilise its rich brand and product heritage to bring to life the company’s London headquarters. With over a decade of experience in creating and delivering […]


Exceptionally Awesome Google Office in Tel Aviv, Israel

Check out this exquisite Google office located in Tel Aviv, Israel. What more could you ask for in an office with almost everything that you need in a snap? Across the eight floors of the structure, you would be able to de-stress inside the gym, eat out in not only one but many restaurants, and chill-out within the bounds of its private rooms. The whole place is even more exciting […]


Glamorous Swarovski London HQ

Want to feel glamorous at work? Check out this absolutely gorgeous Swarovski office based in the United Kingdom designed by M Moser Associates. The whole place is filled with white interior, shiny and reflective furniture pieces that exude a different feeling of luxury and elegance. The design and look of the work area perfectly reflects the Swarovski as a jewellery company. [via theultralinx]


Expansive Office Space by Za Bor Architects

Yes, you have read the title right. Expansive is the word that best describes the interiors of the second Yandex Office, a Russian IT Corporation in Saint-Petersburg, designed by Za Bor Architects. The  concept behind this project is to exhibit a life-sized and colorful version of the company’s website through oversized pixels and website elements. [via freshome]


Rhetorica's Achromatic Office

All around the world most offices are painted in white. They say this is because this hue is auspicious in business because it represents the Metal element. Metal is associated with business because it’s the element of concentration, sharp thinking and productivity, and because money itself has historically been made of metal. What We Do designed this achromatic office for a small communication company called Rhetorica. Visit the What We Do blog. […]