Dan Marker-Moore Weaves Photos to Capture Beautiful Time-lapse Cityscape

In Dan Marker-Moore‘s latest project called ‘Time Slice Series‘, Dan collects of up to 60 time-lapse photos taken in the span of 3 minutes to 30 minutes weaved into one stunning landscape photograph.   [via danorst, designtaxi ]


Dizzying Day & Night Photos of Busy New York Intersection by Navid Baraty

Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty created a series called Intersection that appreciates the busy day and night life of a New Yorker as seen from dizzying heights of high-rise buildings. Baraty adds, Anyone who’s walked around a city looking up at the grandeur of the towering buildings knows how small you can feel amid such giants. I wanted to instead look down from those dizzying heights and capture a surreal and altered perspective […]


Long Exposure Night Photos of Road in Japan Lined with Cherry-Blossoms in Full Bloom

The cherry-blossom tree is known for its short and gorgeous blooming season that attracts millions of visitors in Japan. Japanese photographer Arixxx chanced upon a peaceful-looking street in Hitachi, Japan line with the pink color of cherry-blossoms in full bloom. The photographer’s long exposure night shots capture the radiant beauty of this annual phenomenon even more. [via designtaxi, arixxx]


Bokeh Shots Turns Tokyo Into a Beautiful City of Colorful Bubbles

Software engineer and passionate photographer Takashi Kitajima used the bokeh technique to create a ‘city of colorful bubbles’  out of the vibrant night time cityscape of Tokyo. Find more at 500px.   [via photogrist]


Glowing Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Illuminate the Shores of Maldives

Taiwanese photographer Will Ho happened to see a stunning phenomena on the shores of Maldives at nighttime. Millions of  bioluminescent phytoplankton resting on the shoreline emit light as the waves hit them or when budged as you can leave glowing footprints on the sand. Check out more of Will’s photos on Flickr.   See incredible glowing firefly squid on the shores of Japan here and glowing waves of California here.   […]


Enthralling Photos of Stand-up Paddle Boarding at Night

Stand-up paddle boarding or paddle surfing is quite new in terms of water sports. After beginning to gain attention in 2005, stand-up paddling was listed as the most popular outdoor activity in 2013. Photographer Julia Cumes chanced upon night paddlers on a windless night of September last year. Enthralled by the beauty of the quiet evening, the tranquil scene of a group of night paddlers blew her away. Cumes adds, […]


A starry, starry, starry home in the night

After I saw some of Ben Canales photos on flickr, I was immediately hooked. The sometimes poignant feeling of being alone is captured in all these shots. But that feeling si remarkably lessened as you see the beauty of the lone house in the field, with the lights dramatically lit, with all those stars shining down to look after it at night. This photography experience, I’d bet, was really exceptional. Except for the particularly […]