Stunning Stripe House by GAAGA

The word “stunning” best describes the Stripe House located in Leiden, The Netherlands. GAAGA designed the house with a loft style that serves as an open office and residence at the same time. Its main ‘living’/public space features the kitchen and living room, which functions as a relaxation as well as entertainment space/lunch area. The small patio gives the place its “residential” atmosphere while maintaining its professional tone. The white interiors […]


Gorgeous Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Hello there everyone! It’s the first day of the L-O-V-E month and the flower business will surely be as busy as a bee two weeks from now! Anyway, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of these lovely, multi-colored tulip fields thanks to Belgian photographer bruxelles5. These aerial photos were captured in 2011 somewhere in Spoorbuurt, North Holland, The Netherlands using a Nikon D3S. The artist was able to present the stunning colors of the Dutch […]


Amazing Star-shaped Fort in the Netherlands

About 32 kilometers northeast of Emmen is Fort Bourtange, a star fort in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands. This uniquely shaped fort was built during the Eighty Years War (1568-1648) to control the only road connecting Germany and the city of Groningen which was occupied by the Spaniards at the time. In 1851, the Fort was converted into a village which is now preserved as a historical museum. [images via here, here, here, here, here, here.]